Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Breakthrough into a 2D game or turning point

By the end of 2009, several game companies have introduced products 2D games. And the 2009 flooding into 3D online games online game company will fall into the situation of the market compared to more rational in 2010 each company. There are indications that 2010 will come to an end 3D games, 2D games will lead to open boutique in the market.

In 2009, missed the 2D market

"2D online games become less and less." From playing online games in 2000 started the Wang Bo (a pseudonym) is a pity. Wang Bo told reporters that he came into contact with figures from the text graphical MUD game, then "Legend" series, "journey" of these very famous game he played, but not less input energy. But that is one thing - can not play full view 3D online games.

"Used simple 2D graphics and gaming style, 3D people dizzy." Wang Bo said. He told reporters, in fact, the domestic players, or even made a 2D game. "Look at Tencent's DNF (underground city with the Warriors) to know why the fire was." Wangpo analysis, DNF is in the "Legend" and "journey" began to decline when the player receives a great number of 2D. However, he stressed that he is more looking forward to a 2DARPG types of games there, he was playing "Legend" and "journey" Many friends in the "idle" state, they have yet to find a suitable for your 2DARPG game.

At present, the online operations of NetEase, "Journey to the West" series, and famous for decades, the grand "Legend", giants "journey" in the online game segments, the former for the turn-based games, the latter two are ARPG. One Netease's "Fantasy Westward Journey" has a record total of 238 million online domestic record. 2D game market is quite substantial.

Wang Bo told reporters that the company is now online games in general to "the same old stuff" in the form of 2D game development, light "Legend" series of games is not under paragraph 45, "the journey" is a simple renovation to recall the old players In fact, the game content is the same. Market, lack of innovative 2D online games.

Who is the next "journey"?

Who is the next "journey"? Similar problem has been mentioned many times.

2006 "journey" beta, the influx of millions of players to the game which, Shi Yuzhu and his giant company with 2DARPG game "journey" for the benefit of writing a myth, a year after the successful landing giant NYSE, a Online Games achievements of the Shi Yuzhu the third successful venture, and the giant company's rapid rise. More importantly, 2D 3D gaming market will be replaced by the negative tone was gone.

The industry believes that "journey" is the marketing success of the game, breaking free of conventional patterns and precise positioning for the main 23 cities this product a lot of extra points. At the same time, 2D product type is considered the most suitable type of local players of the game.

"Domestic online game starts," Legend, "" Legend "mode a great impact on domestic players, especially the 23 city players, they are more willing to accept the inherent game mode, which is why many foreign large 3D products visit China died soon after the cause. "channel of a director of Road Games. He also said that Chinese players in the distribution of the traditional "countryside surrounding cities", the figures show that Internet cafe users in rural areas the proportion of use of online games 43.5%, 41.8% higher than in urban areas. Even so, more and more domestic online game developer has not been able to bring the country 2D gamers a satisfactory report. According to statistics, in 2009 than in previous years has been to market products decreased slightly, but mostly to 3D and 2.5D. 2D market is seriously neglected.

The source said: "In recent years, major online game companies are actively layout 3D and 2.5D products, upcoming 3D ready to seize the market share of products that follow the trend of the phenomenon do not give them the expected success . "

According to sources, several well-known 3D products this year, in addition to NetEase, "World II," melted down a success, "Aion", "Jian Wang triplet" and other gaming products failed to meet its objectives.

2D brand new opportunity to intervene

With 200 new games each year the introduction of speed, online games market segments to enter the competition.

"10 years ago only 10 games on the market compared to the situation, more and more players, the choices available, with the group of domestic players mature, the game used to have stabilized." Industry in their analysis.

Blue Hong Kong online game producer Zhang Yuyu CTO and said: "The" Legend "," journey ", the domestic market there exists 2D blank, no new brand to fill, which allows players to a small range of options, the trade company 2D paid insufficient attention to the players. "for the industry in recent years, serious" partial subjects "of the situation, Zhang Yuyu said:" We see dimly in the 2D market two years ago, the opportunity to grasp this opportunity now find very accurate, several domestic big game development companies are actively deploying 2D products, intended to seize the air for a long time schedule. "

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