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New Year's gift wish Beijing won three business awards to

China Management Software Industry in 2006 AMT Academy Award is named Organization. AMT is the first neutral field of information technology management authority. Selection for companies doing business in China, including mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, a total of ten selected areas of management software, Top 5, Top 10; China Business management software implementation of the Top 10; China's Management Software Top 100. Covers the areas covered all aspects of business management software.


Awards are as follows:

2006 customer relationship management software vendor TOP 10

Customer relationship management, from the English translation from Customer Relationship Management, abbreviated as CRM. It Package

With management thinking, software products, management systems at three levels of meaning.浣滀负澶у瀷鐨勭鐞嗙郴缁燂紝瀹冨浼佷笟瀹㈡埛銆侀攢鍞槦浼嶃?甯傚満娲诲姩銆侀攢鍞嚎绱?閿?敭鏈轰細銆佹湇鍔¤姹傘?鏈嶅姟鍝嶅簲绛夎繘琛岀鐞嗐?瀹冧笌ERP銆佸垎閿?郴缁熴?缃戜笂璁㈠崟銆佺綉涓婃湇鍔$瓑鏈夌潃绱у瘑鐨勮仈绯汇?

According to the annual contract amount, staff size, the stability of business operations, customer word of mouth and other comprehensive evaluation, in 2006 China's customer relationship management software provider Top 10.

2006 China's management software industry's most promising companies in

According to the annual contract amount, staff size, stability operations, customer word of mouth and other comprehensive evaluation of business management software in China Top 100.

2006 the implementation of China's management software industry, business TOP 10

The implementation of the commercialization of mature package, that means the system is installed, operational and demand analysis, program Sheji, system configuration, Ercikaifa, Pei Xun Deng, Conger help users to its business in the package Zhong Yunzuo up.鎻愪緵杩欑鏈嶅姟鐨勪笓涓氭湇鍔″叕鍙革紝绉颁负绠$悊杞欢瀹炴柦鍟嗐?

鎹勾搴﹀悎鍚岄銆佷汉鍛樿妯°?浼佷笟缁忚惀鐨勭ǔ瀹氭?銆佸鎴峰彛纰戠瓑缁煎悎璇勪环锛?006 骞翠腑鍥界鐞嗚蒋

Pieces of implementation of the Top 10 ranked companies.

On business to Beijing

Business Information Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing can is a professional customer relationship management software and systems provider. The company has developed a group of professional and technical personnel engaged in CRM and business consultants, is the small and medium enterprises a leading provider of CRM software. CRM software market in China, MrCRM product market scored the highest, most advanced product features, the implementation of the most experienced, most of the leading brand advisory capacity.


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